Benefits of Owning This Domain Portfolio

The benefits of owning high quality domain names:

Instant Credibility & Brand Awareness: What better domain name to own than a direct match for what people are searching for. is an extremely powerful and easy to remember domain for a multi-billion dollar industry.

Trust and Authority: Owning a high quality domain such as can instantly boost trust with your customers. It shows that you are the authoritative figure in your industry.

SEO Benefits: Having the exact keyword domain for what people are searching for, can help your search engine listings. (Also having the direct match keyword can be great for type in traffic. People who are searching for more information about Genome Sequencing, are more inclined to type in to see what is on the domain.

Extensions and URLS: As the owner of these domain names, you have the ability to add in locations and or specifics for each domain. For example, by owning the domain: you can also create extensions for free on each domain such as: or or even or The possibilities are endless.

Great Marketability:  Easy to remember, easy to spell, and great for offline marketing. (Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, etc). Easily passes the radio test. (Where as you do not have to spell it out.)

Diversification: Owning this complete portfolio of Genome Sequencing domains in multiple high ranking and high valued categories can be a great investment for your company.

Fees: Once you purchase these domains, you own them forever and only have to pay renewal fees which are less than $10 per domain per year.

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